8:15-9:00 Continental Breakfast.

9:00-9:15 Introduction by Dr. Norberto Grzywacz, Department of Biomedical Engineering

9:15-9:45 Dr. Eun-Jin Lee, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Title: Retinal Development under Abnormal Visual Environments

9:45-10:15 LDr. Rohit Varma, Department of Ophthalmology.
Title: The Burden of Vision Loss in the US: Undetected Eye Disease and the Impact on Quality of Life.

10:15-10:45 Dr. James Weiland, Department of Ophthalmology
Title: Safe and Effective Electrical Stimulation of the Retina

10:45-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-11:30 Mr. Vishal Vaingankar, Department of Neurobiology
Title: The First Stage of Feedback in the Geniculostriate Pathway: Visual Responses in the Perigeniculate Nucleus

11:30-12:00 Dr. Gerard Medioni, Department of Computer Science
Title:Tracking Moving Objects from a Moving Platform

12:00-12:30 Dr. Jessica Wisnowski, Department of Psychology
Title:The Nature of Visual Recognition Impairments Following Focal Brain Damage

12:30-2:00 Lunch.

2:00-3:45 Poster Session (Cardinal and Gold Room)

3:45-4:00 Coffee Break

4:00-5:00 Dr. Susana Chung, University of Houston and Dr. Eli Peli, Harvard Medical School and Schepens Eye Research Institute.
Title: Progress in Low-vision Research: From Preferred Retinal Locus to Vision Enhancement by Image Processing

5:00-6:00 Reception (2nd Floor Lobby).

List of Posters (PDF)