About the Center

We are a unique vision-research center at USC. The focus of the Center for Vision Science and Technology (CVST) is at the interface between neuroscience, computation, and technology. The technology developed at CVST has wide-ranging applications from medicine to security to space exploration. Moreover, the center advances basic brain science through interactions between experimental neuroscientists and computational researchers.

Why USC?

USC is an ideal place for this center, in part owing to the strength of the existing vision community at USC and in part owing to the geographical centrality of USC within the academic and industrial vision-research community of Southern California. CVST has several benefits to the USC community. These include higher visibility locally, nationally, and internationally, better access to training and core grants, access to more and better graduate students, more effective faculty recruitment, greater efficiency in the sharing of research resources, integration of efforts across the multiple schools and campuses of USC, and improved technology transfer with industry. CVST recent efforts include annual symposia, new courses in vision research, and joint research and grant applications.